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White Label crypto exchange

Your business with the world’s fastest matching engine

Management software

With CRM functionality, client’s cabinet and back office software.

Powerful API

A new high-capacity API for robotic trаding and public data access.

White Label

Launch an exchange tailored to your brand with our White Label solution.


Transactions throughput capacity.

Full-featured Brokerage Infrastructure

 White Label cTrader
Offer clients an elegant trading experience with advanced charting capabilities and an intuitive interface. Enhance trading strategies with a wide range of order types and execution modes.

Trading Flow Management

Create, modify, and manage accounts, margins, and alerts. Monitor positions, trades, and balances.

Risk Control

Employ tier margin, multiple margin alerts, and a hybrid order execution system.

Tested Features

All features are fully tested and ready to implement in the WL product environment.

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Comprehensive, Mobile-Friendly Brokerage Solution

Innovative social trading features allow clients to replicate successful investors' trades, attracting novice traders. Match-Trader offers a user-friendly, cross-platform interface.

Omni-channel Platform

Real-time synchronized settings enable seamless switching between various devices.

Trader-centered Design

Access all essential tools in Match-Trader for seamless trade execution, displaying real-time market events, top movers, and automated options.

Fully Customizable

Personalize your platform and offerings to outperform clients' expectations, establishing a potent market presence.

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Who uses Crypto Margin Exchange Software

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Forex Broker

Our advanced, customizable, cost-effective trading platform supports Forex brokers in building a strong brand, attracting clients, and enhancing the trading experience.


Crypto Broker

Launch a customizable, feature-packed trading platform quickly, improving operational efficiency and competitiveness in the crypto market.


Crypto Exchange

Advanced trading technology and features offers users a robust user-friendly platform. Including technical support and access to liquidity providers, to boost your exchange's operational efficiency and user experience.



Access your cryptocurrency on any device with our e-wallet feature, managing both internal and external transfers, including transfers from MT4/MT5 to your e-wallet, IB commissions, and e-wallet transactions.


We offer software solutions for established companies to increase and optimise their workflows and help new entrepreneurs to build their businesses. You can launch your own exchange with our ready-to-go platform in just couple of weeks.

Pamela LinaldiBusiness development manager


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